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In 2004, singer-songwriter Tarja Turunen, who was a member of the band Nightwish, drew significant media attention for her open letter in which she alleged that she was no longer willing to work with the band. Turunen had previously informed the band that she wanted to leave due to a deterioration in her relationship with band member Tuomas Holopainen and her husband and manager.

Despite agreeing to record one more album with the band, Holopainen later announced in an open letter that Turunen was leaving Nightwish. Turunen and Holopainen, along with other members, formed Nightwish in 1997 and released their debut album “Angels Fall First.” They went on to release several more albums, including “Oceanborn” and “Wishmaster.” In 2000, Turunen attended a German music university to earn a professional qualification as a soloist, and during this time she also contributed vocals to the band’s 2002 album “Century Child.”

In 2004, she released her first solo single, “Yhden enkelin unelma,” which went gold in her native country. Born on August 17, 1977 in Kitee, Finland, Turunen has been singing since her school days, and at 15 she made her solo debut at a church concert. In 2003, she married Marcelo Cabuli and they have a child together.

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