29 CRAZY Things That Could ONLY Happen In Russia

Russians live their lives like no one is watching. The world’s largest country has a diverse and rich history. Famous for producing talented writers, stunning architecture, and world class athletes, this nation is proud of its accomplishments.

Nonetheless, there are bound to be some interesting characters in their population of over 144 million people. It is all about standing out and making a name for yourself. Or it may be that this is only normal in Russia. Although, I am secretly envious of who the woman gets to cuddle in #4.

That’s a lot of caviar for one man.

Selfies with a bear get the most likes.

Surfing, horse riding, and sunbathing all in a day’s work.

Bears must be really friendly in Russia.

Medieval hot baths.

Alcohol and heights don’t seem to be a problem in this part of the world.

It’s easier to walk an iron than a puppy.

Grandma is lock and loaded.

He must have an amazing dentist.

Doesn’t every bride do this?

Not the best planned slide.

Because it can get really cold!

Officer, I can explain.

Morning commute.

Their version of spring break.

Guitars and soccer are a favorite past times of the military men.

No one ever cuts this bicyclist off.

He is all showered up by the time he gets to work.

Free babysitting.

Let’s dj in a suit.

You can buy and sofa and a shirt at the same store.

What’s weirder the passengers wearing goggles or this man running?

The latest pub in the neighbourhood.

Life is a balancing act.

Life is a balancing act.

Because there is no party till the local goat shows up.

Their brand of gasoline.

The strongest chair in the world.

People get trapped going to the public washroom all the time.

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