24 Best Casts Of Movie Stars Older Versions

Shirley In Haunting Of Hill House (Played By Lulu Wilson As A Kid And Elizabeth Reaser As An Adult)

Theo In Haunting Of Hill House (Played By Mckenna Grace As A Kid And Kate Siegel As An Adult)

Latika In Slumdog Millionaire (Played By Tanvi Lonkar As A Teenager And Freida Pinto As An Adult)

Preston And Porter In “Desperate Housewives” (Played By Brent And Shane Kinsman As Kids And Charlie and Max Carver As An Teenagers)

Maddy In Euphoria (Played By Keilani Arellanes As A Kid And Alexa Demie As An Adult)

Cassie In Euphoria (Played By Kyra Adler As A Kid And Sydney Sweeney As A Teenager)

Nemo From “Mr Nobody” (Thomas Byrne As Young Nemo, Jared Leto As Older Nemo)

Queen Elizabeth II In “The Crown” (Played First By Claire Foy And Olivia Coleman After The Time Jump)

And Prince Philip In “The Crown” (Played First By Matt Smith And Then Tobias Menzies)

Lucy In 13 Going On 30 (Played By Alexandra Kyle As A Kid And Judy Greer As An Adult)

Jenna In 13 Going On 30 (Played By Christa B. Allen As A Kid And Jennifer Garner As An Adult)

Josh In “Big” (Played By David Moscow As A Kid And Tom Hanks As An Adult)

Josh In “Big” (Played By David Moscow As A Kid And Tom Hanks As An Adult)

Margot In Paper Towns (Played By Hannah Alligood As A Kid And Cara Delevingne As An Adult)

Judith In The Walking Dead (Played By Kinsley Isla Dillon As A Kid And Cailey Fleming After The Time Jump)

Stanley In “It” (Played By Wyatt Oleff As A Kid And Andy Bean As An Adult)

Eddie Kaspbrak From “It” (Jack Dylan Grazer As A Kid And James Ransone As Adult)

Elena In Little Fires Everywhere (Played By Annasophia Robb As A Young Adult And Reese Witherspoon As An Older Adult)

William In “This is Us” (Played By Jermel Nakia As A Young Adult And Ron Cephas Jones As An Older Adult)

Deja In This Is Us, (Played By Lyric Ross In The Present And La Trice Harper In The Future).

Agent K From “Man In Black” (Josh Brolin As Young Agent K And Tommy Lee Jones As Older Self)

And Finally, Misty in Yellowjackets (Played By Samantha Hanratty As A Teenager And Christina Ricci As An Adult)

Taissa In “Yellowjackets” (Played By Jasmin Savoy Brown As A Teenager And Tawny Cypress As An Adult)

Shauna in Yellowjackets (Played By Sophie Nelisse As A Teenager And Melanie Lynskey As An Adult)

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