20 Well-Known ‘Love Stories’ That Are Actually Super Creepy

1. When Charles proposed to Diana, he did so because had been forbidden to marry the woman he loved, Camilla. He knew he still loved Camilla, and he knew he did not love Diana. But Diana ticked the right boxes, and Camilla did not.

Diana was super young (19) at the time, while Charles was 32. I doubt Diana fully understood the facts of the matter the way Charles did, even if she had some clue. Might be unfair to say she “knew,” but who can say.

The public at the time celebrated their engagement and wedding as a total fairy tale romance, but then of course the marriage was totally miserable. Charles spent the whole marriage in love with and having an affair with Camilla, to whom he’s now married. Diana spent the whole marriage depressed and bulimic and then died. -hobbitfeet

2. Idk if anyone thinks it’s a perfect love story but Celine Dion and her late husband Rene… extremely creepy. -emailusernamepasswrd

3. Elvis and Priscilla. She was only 14. -jadedragon1997

4. Daenarys and Drogo. Nothing like a little wedding night marital rape to jump-start your storybook romance… -tequilaearworm

5. Not necessarily creepy, But Jack and Rose. Rose had known Jack for only 3 days but she trusted him with her life. If both of them survived the titanic and started their life in New York, they definitely would have had more fights and rifts in their relationship. -Similar_Break7976

6. How about Elon Musk’s dad marrying his adopted sister? Apparently it’s true love, but wtf? Gross. -Acromegalic

7. Jerry Lee Lewis, married his 13-year-old cousin. -TC1600

8. Jay-Z and Beyonce. -Euphoric_Ad_8309

9. Indiana Jones was 25 when Marion was 15 and they hooked up. 10 years later she says “I was a child goddamn it!” and his response is “Naaah you knew what you were doing.” I watched this movie yesterday. -imsorryisuck

10. There are still Joker+Harley memes out there, or at least I have one facebook friend (really a couple’s account) reposting them every now and then. I don’t know them well enough to call them out on it, but it annoys me every time. -sadwer

11. Megan Fox and MGK did some weird vampire type shit with each others blood, got engaged, broke up and now she’s following only 3 celebrities on her insta and none of them are him so there’s that, I guess. -Loves_me_tacos125

12. ‘The Notebook.’ -Scared_Excuse_4060

13. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have a creepy vibe to me. I have a feeling that Ellen suppresses her but i don’t know if it is true. -Lucky_Lips_

14. Romeo and Juliet, even looking past the fact that she’s likely 12 years old, they have known each other for a month and they’re both willing to commit suicide for the other one. Doesn’t exactly scream healthy relationship. -Yelloms

15. Snape’s obsession with Lily Potter isn’t sweet, it’s stalking. -simplythebess

16. Ross and Rachel. They were together for exactly ONE season, then proceed to sabotage each other’s relationships until season 8 when they have a baby together… And STILL don’t properly get together for two more seasons. Also they’re horribly toxic together and fight practically every episode. -tehweave

17. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. I’m always intrigued by how people (including their granddaughter) try to paint it as this whirlwind romance, but there’s clearly a lot of emotional abuse from both sides to go along with the alcoholism. -zieglertron2000

18. John Lennon and Yoko Ono. -dubkitteh1

19. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. -Traditional_Nail_748

20. Will and Jada. -lazarus_potluck

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