20 Sexy Isabeli Fontanas Hot Pics

ISABELI FONTANA is an activist model, who is living a colorful life as a mom of 2 kids, she’s a health coach, yoga teacher and most importantly…an iconic lingerie model.

I hate to reduce her to just her lingerie model roots, I am sure there’s a lot more to her, but sometimes you have to live by what you’re known for and I am sure lingerie model isn’t the worst curse to have hang over you. It’s not like she’s known for being a criminal, or corrupt, or a weirdo, or a racist, you get where I am going with this. You can’t be cancelled for being a lingerie model, no matter how many body positive protestors come at you!

The Brazilian 38 year old started modeling at 13 years old, she was the last underage girl to post for Victoria’s Secret at 16 years old, before the industry thought that was a little creepy.

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