20 Sexy Frida Aasen Bikini Photos

I am a purist in the sense that I love a good old fashioned lifestyle bikini shoot for a bikini brand in this era of the selfie.

There’s no shortage of bikini pics out there, I mean we are bombarded with the bikini pics ALL day, but as an old school blog, I feel like we have a duty to say “Look an actual bikini photoshoot” and you can see it all in one place, because that’s the foundation we were built on.

Whether it was Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, even big brand and obscure brand in between, we’d have endless photoshoots promoting hot half nakedness to help them sell their products, the way nature intended. Then that all went away, replaced with the easier, less expensive selfie.

So when I saw Frida Aasen, one of the ultimate in Bikini models, who I believe got her fame from Victoria’s Secret, and who consistently delivers, I said “GET IT UP” maybe it will motivate others to do bikini shoots too!

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