20 Sexy Billie Eilish Photos That Will Steal Your Heart

Beautiful, brilliant, stylish, and fearless are few words that are synonymous with a good description of the talented pop star, Billie Eilish. Reflecting on her journey to stardom, since the release of her “Ocean Eyes” single in 2015, it’s so easy to stay in love with Billie’s all-around composure in her music career, even though she started outs a teenager. We have witnessed the teen star grow through several controversial trends about issues like one regarding her tank top photos which seemingly broke the internet while it lasted. Regardless, it is great to watch Billie work her way past unsolicited criticisms from the public and keep on with her life, unwavering while she builds her millionaire career.

With the level of attention that the award-winning artist keeps getting from blogs, from how hot and different she looks in her viral Vogue front cover look, to her usual iconic baggy style, it is no surprise that there are several pictures of Billie flying all over the Internet. We have been treated to an array of looks from the Happier Than Ever singer, but have you ever noticed her sporting a smile in these looks? At the thought of that, you can agree that photos of Billie Eilish smiling are not so common. In fact, they seem like a rarity.

Maybe she already had us prepared for this realization with her 2017 Don’t Smile at Me EP, in which the singer unapologetically exuded her self confidence and little tolerance for trying to blend in like every other person when she can just be herself, make her choices and do her thing just the way she feels like. This is one of the many reasons that make Billie ever so lovable. Although, it is also nice to see Billie’s face light up in a cheerful mood. For this reason, we have put together several photos showing some of Billie’s sweet moments where the camera catches her pretty smile. Surely, these pictures will steal your heart.

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