Saturday , 2 July 2022

20 Hot Jamie Lee O’Donnell Photos

Jamie Lee O’Donnell is an actress renowned for playing the role of Michelle Mallon in a Channel 4 comedy series titled Derry Girls. The sitcom is presently the most loved series in Northern Ireland and has an average of 519k viewers. Apart from Derry Girls, she has also played a starring role as Eva Maguire in 18 episodes of an American television series 6Degrees.

The 26-years-old sexy Jamie Lee O’Donnell is romancing a techno/prog DJ named Paul McCay. Her boyfriend is from Derry, Ireland. He was quite young when Paul got attracted towards music and he experimented with Trance, Prog, House and more during his teenage. He hosted a weekly podcast named MindXposure and has also uploaded his Techno/Prog music on his self-titled Soundcloud.

They came into contact with each other through common friends in Derry. Initially they were good friends and later fell in love with each other. Soon they started dating. According to Jamie, she is very happy with Paul and they both love spending time with each other in their room.

In the hit sitcom, Derry Girls, Jamie essayed the role of Michelle Mallon. Her character had a difficult relationship with her confused cousin named James Maguire. However, she gets enrolled into an all-girl Catholic School. The role of James was played by British actor Dylan Llewellyn in Derry Girls.

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