20 Hot And Sexy Wallis Currie-Wood Photos

Wallis Currie-Wood was born on December 12th, in the year 1991 and is an American performing artist. Wallis Currie-Wood plays the character of Stephanie Stevie McCord in the CBS show Madam Secretary. Wallis Currie-Wood was born on December 12th, in the year 1991 at Austin, Texas. Before going to Juilliard School, Wallis Currie-Wood had an encounter acting in Austin, Texas, the United States of America where she additionally contemplated violin at the University of Texas String undertaking, and Austin Chamber Music Academy.

While at Juilliard, Wallis Currie-Wood was a phase entertainer in preparations, for example, Twelfth Night, The Cherry Orchard, and Buried Child. Following Juilliard, Wallis Currie-Wood had a job in the Anne Hathaway– Robert De Niro parody The Intern, and as of now plays Stephanie Stevie McCord on Madam Secretary. Since the year 2014, Wallis Currie-Wood has been involved with Juilliard schoolmate performer Alex Sharp.

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