19 Worst Movies Ever Made

If the BBFC ever starts evaluating narrative coherence and filmmaking quality, this list of sick garbage that should be prohibited ranges from the disappointing to the terrible to the downright disgusting. Please enumerate your worst movies ever.


Dragon Ball: Evolution

Like what the fuck were they thinking


The Emoji Movie.

I went to watch it in theatres expecting a “so bad it’s good” experience, but ended up getting the “so bad it’s bad” experience instead.


I’m going to go with Highlander II.

The original never needed a sequel, and incredibly, they kept making more even after that. Hadn’t we suffered enough?


Sausage Party

will forever be my most hated movie. I loathe it entirely.


I watch the room by Tommy Wiseau too much to say that i dont hate it, it’s too funny for me

Recently I watched catwoman with Halle Berry and everything is bad, my god its torture from beginning to end


The Last Airbender.

I felt physically sad after watching that in theaters back in 10th grade.



Don’t look it up


Jupiter Ascending

will forever haunt me.


365 Days.

This movie was made for the sake of some sex scenes, nothing more.

(In this movie’s defense, yes, it’s literally made to be about sex and did a good job of showing….well…just lots of sex.)


Doom: Annihilation was dreadful.


The Human Centipede 2. 


The Wickerman with Nicholas Cage


Wonder Woman 1984

There are worst movies I’ve seen some of. But this is the worst movie that I’ve seen all of.


Fun in Balloonland.

It’s a movie made in 1965 to promote a company that made giant balloons for parades (like the Macy’s thanksgiving day balloons but much, much cheaper). The first half of the movie is a child who clearly doesn’t know what’s going on running around a mostly empty warehouse while the guy who owns the company tries to do (occasionally racist) skits around a bunch of creepy balloons. Or sometimes singing, which is never on key even once. Then the movie cuts abruptly to just footage of an actual parade with a lady narrating. Except she is drinking heavily and her narration starts to get more and more slurred and drift further and further away from what’s happening on screen. It is a glorious train wreck of a film that pushes the boundaries of cinema. In the sense of constantly forcing the audience to ask themselves if this is even a movie.


Cats (2019)


Manos The Hands of Fate.

I compare all supposedly bad films to it, often they are masterpieces in comparison with only a few that create the same sort of feelings within me. It’s not just boring, the plot is non-sensical and the actors are a forest. It’s bad in a way that few films even come close to.


As far as a “well made” mainstream movie, Suicide Squad


Mac and Me.

In addition to falling flat on trying to have any humor, drama, or a cohesive plot, it was basically a cash grab trying to capitalize on the success of E.T. But riding the coat-tails of another movie wasn’t enough, they also wrote in a disabled child as the main character and accepted a big check to turn it into a feature length McDonald’s/Coke ad, to the point where one of the aliens is literally revived using Coca-Cola.

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