19 People Who Spot Red Flags In Trailers That Indicate a Bad Movie

Movie trailers are supposed to get us excited about the films they’re previewing. However, there are many sins these trailers commit that make the movies look like crap. Call me strange, but I’m a person who LOVES movie trailers before the feature film so I can very much relate to these.

M. Knight’s name popping up at any point.

When the reviews mentioned in the trailer are in HUGE letters but then the publication that wrote them is so small you can’t read it. I always assume this means some obscure site liked the movie but no one reputable had anything good to say.

“Absolute masterpiece”
– Billy from his couch in Cleveland.


When they highlight a particular joke or bit and you just KNOW that’s as funny as the film gets.

When the entire cast are A List celebrities even the barista is like Michael Cera and they do that thing at the end where they have all 50 of their names in bold so you get excited. I promise you 10/10 times will lead to disappointment.

It may sound backward, but with comedy movies, if the entire trailer is hilarious, like laughing from start to finish, it makes me think that they put pretty much all the best funny parts in the trailer and the rest of the movie’s humor is gonna be mediocre. 

“…starring Rob Schneider”
🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃 RUN AWAY

When it’s edited in a way that gives absolutely none of the plot away but just focuses on catchy one-liners and the cast. Trailers giving away the whole plot is one thing, but if you finish it feeling beyond confused and without a single idea what the movie is about, the plot will likely be convoluted or just not good which is why they focus on the cast to draw you in.

When they say “brought to you by the studio that made (insert wildly popular movie). That usually means the movie isn’t good enough to stand on it’s own.

trailers that use viewer’s reactions in theater OR after like, “I loved this movie!!” and random people are standing in front of a pop up from the movie

whenever they use a popular song that doesn’t fit the tone at all. You can tell they just threw in a song they knew people would recognize to trick people into thinking the movie would be good.

Anybody farting

For a horror movie, I swear, they show you every scare in the trailer, then it’s just all fluff in between. So I spent 2 minutes getting as scared as I’m going to get during this movie. I have learned; I wait until it’s streaming to see it then and I’m usually right. Saved $18 and can have wine at home.

Generic boy & girl timidly crushing on one another and NOTHING else… not even a reference to film title. Like Licorice Pizza and it’s totally unappealing movie trailer. It’s ONLY selling point was the Haim sister.

When they have like 10 production companies attached to one film. Usually equates to “Too many cooks in the kitchen”.

bad CGI? i took one look at She Hulk’s trailer and was like this is so bad (not a movie so not the same budget but still)

When it’s released just after the Oscars and the only thing mentioned on the poster is that it stars the Oscar winning actor. Generally means the distributor are just using the name to drive sales for a film that probably stuck in post production hell and should have never seen the light of day.

If I see Melissa McCarthy or Adam Sandler in the trailer then it’s almost certainly going to be a shit film.

When the trailer is basically a summary of the movie. There’s some trailers that show so much of the movie that you don’t need to see the movie. I remember one of the newer terminator movies had a trailer that completely gave away the twist and ruined the movie for me.

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