15 Makeup Looks for Date Night

Check out these 15 awesome makeup tutorials that we’ve found helpful in the past and refer to before date night all the time!

1. Soft and natural

Are you not someone who generally wears a lot of makeup in your daily routine but you’d like to get every so slightly fancy for this particular date? Then this Lauren Curtis tutorial for a softer, more natural look is the one for you! It walks you through the steps for applying makeup with a light hand so that it looks like you’re wearing hardly anything at all, letting you stay true to your features.

2. Shimmering rose gold

Have you been as obsessed with rose gold shimmers and chromes as we have lately? We can’t get over how pretty a shining rose shade looks on the centre of the eyelids and blended out to the edges. HCG Dominicana teaches you how to get that look but intensify the eye by also blending a slightly darker crease. Pair the look with a matte lip in the same rose shade, but without the shimmery gold aspect so that things stay au naturel.

3. Golds and browns

Were you pretty into the gold aspect of the look above, but you’d stick with that and skip the rose part? Then trying pairing a shimmering gold lid with a series of matte browns in the corners and crease instead! easyNeon suggests topping the look off with a strong brow and a subtle wing to really give the eyes a calm glamour.

4. Blue and gold smoky night eye

Are you actually a little bit more experienced in makeup and you’re just looking for makeup tutorials that will walk you through new colour combinations so you can really show your skills off? Then we definitely recommend this pretty gold and blue smoky eye! It will make for a particularly intense look if you have blue eyes, but we agree with My Eyeshadow that it’ll actually suit anyone.

5. Subtle dark green smoky eye

Do you like the idea of a smoky eye but you just don’t think that a full on black and silver glamour look is quite right for what this particular date night involves? Try a more toned down version instead! Grand Makeup shows you how to create a smoky corner using a shade of dark green rather than intense black and a full smoky crease.

6. Subtle glam

Maybe you really do want a bit of glamour but you also don’t want to look like you’re going to a formal event when the night is set to be quite casual? Then try using a palette that includes shades of taupe and gray with just a touch of shimmer. This tutorial from Fashion Inspiration is another good one for practicing your smoked corner technique.

7. Shimmery slate smoky eye

Was the part of the look above that really caught your attention the shimmer part rather than the smoky eye? Then tone down the darker blended colours and let the slate or silver shimmer have a little more room to shine. We love the way Jenna Roisen added light browns in the crease to really differentiate the lid without letting an overly dark crease steal the show.

8. Natural taupe and gold

This look is essentially a magnified version of the look above, but with gold in place of slate or silver! It’s been intensified slightly around the crease and under the eyes where a thin smoky line gives some balance, but you’ll find that the techniques on Makeup Tutorials are ones you can manage. We quite enjoy the strong brow they’ve paired this style of eye with! It makes a statement.

9. Coral lips and a beauty mark

Maybe you’re already well versed in what style of eye makeup you like and what colours or shapes there look good on you, but you’d like suggestions for the rest of your face to create a completely cohesive look? Then check out how Facequizite used bright coral lips and a well placed Hollywood style beauty mark to really give the final look some unique style.

10. Petal lids and lips with dark corners

Were you intrigued by the rose gold idea we talked about above but you found yourself wishing it had just a touch more pigment? Then don’t be afraid to dabble into the world of darker petal shades! Cool beauty Tips suggests matching a deep petal pink eye with a similar lip and then giving things more intensity by darkening the outside corners on each side.

11. Wings and red red lips

Makeup looks that incorporate a dark crease have been trending for a while now and, while we find them gorgeous, we know the style isn’t for everyone. Liz of SS is here to remind you how pretty a simple black cat eye over lightly dusted lids can be, especially if you pair that look with a classically bright red lip.

12. Well blended neutrals

Are you a huge fan of makeup but not the world’s biggest fan of using a lot of colours near your eyes? Then you should definitely check out this tutorial from I Am Dodos to see how gorgeous totally neutral looks can be! Matte taupes and browns in different dark and light shades let you build natural glamour in an understated way.

13. Bold lips and brows

We’ve talked a whole lot about different eye makeup techniques and you’ll find that a lot of makeup tutorials concentrate on the eyes as well, but Virtantiq is here to remind you that lips and brows are important as well! Don’t be afraid to make them dark and intense so that they really stand out, particularly if the eye makeup look you’re doing is high glamour or eye attention grabbing and smoky.

14. A defined crease

Have you been absolutely enamoured by the pretty creases you’ve seen all the way through this post, but you think they’re so neat that you’d actually like to try a much more defined cut crease instead of blending it out into subtlety? Then check out how Yay Trend did this rather mod looking style using black and white tones!

15. Wings and a glitter crease

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