10 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Libido Naturally

Surely you know that natural aphrodisiacs are the best way to buff up your sex drive – but what the heck are they?

So- you’re feeling a bit less frisky and a bit more sickly? Becoming sexually depressed is something that most men (and women) struggle with at one point in their lives. While it may not happen often when we are younger, various issues begin to arise by middle age. Because we are each different, with unique experiences and physiological mechanisms, pinpointing exactly “where it all went wrong” can seem impossible.

Luckily, there are a vast number of things that cause us to lose sight of our libidos, which means that you’re that much more likely to find a fix- and it’s probably much easier than you think. Finding the right sexual stimulant is much easier now than it ever was, with trustworthy, online retailers like Libidex offering tons of solutions to a variety of problems, or maybe you just need to have a chat and take a nap. Whatever the cause is, there are definitely ways available to address it.

Male Sexual Stimulants 

Sexual stimulants are really anything that stimulate the indwelling desire to have sex. They also can refer to potent supplements, herbs, and even sexual practices, that help boost stamina and prolong your experience. There are several types of stimulants, and they don’t all come in pill form.

  • Supplements/herbs/vitamins
  • Aphrodisiac foods
  • Limiting alcohol/drugs/tobacco
  • De-stressing
  • Boosting confidence
  • Exercising
  • Sleeping
  • Communicating needs

With both mental and physical factors affecting our indwelling sex drives, it’s important to note that one, or even both, of these drivers might need a bit of a tune-up. Our mental health, physical wellbeing, and nutritional intake all play different roles on how we are aroused, how we sustain that arousal, and how much energy we have to put into the process.

How Do Sexual Stimulants Work? 

Sexual stimulants work by improving any one of the drivers that may be affecting performance: whether that is from stimulating energy, promoting blood flow and muscle tone, or from helping to quiet or address mental fatigue. Depending on which factors are most notably affecting your love making, those are the areas you’ll want to focus on stimulating.

Scientifically speaking, a “stimulus” is just something that excites an organism, or part of an organism, to take part in an action. It’s a catalyst to something else- think of it like a physiological jump start. If you find yourself low on general energy, or just don’t seem to have the motivation or “time” to participate in sexual congress- then natural stimulants like B vitamins, caffeine, ephedrine, or capsacins could help to boost your motivational energy. If you feel like your energy levels are related to mood problems, there are a number of supplements, lifestyle habits, and even medications that can help.

If you think you suffer from a more- physical- issue, then supplements that help promote blood flow, or regular exercise to promote stamina, muscle tone, and a healthy metabolism could be the “sexual stimulant” you’re looking for.

What Does “Sexually Stimulated” Mean? 

Sexually stimulated is just a demure way of saying that you’re sexually charged and ready to participate in sex. Sexual stimulation can come from a variety of factors, including those discussed above, as well as environmental and emotional factors. Things like erotica or being in a sensual, trusting relationship can help to promote these types of feelings.

So, sexual stimulation is fairly analogous to libido, sex drive, being “horny”, as well as a number of other colloquialisms that all mean the same thing- you are ready to have sex. While there are a number of names that refer to our libido, there are also a number of internal and external factors to be considered. Everyone is different, and most report a steady decline of sex drive with age. Sometimes this is just down to the natural aging process and fewer circulating hormones- but it can also be related to sleep patterns or even medications you take regularly.

How to Get Back on Track

The best way to get your libido back on track is to try and isolate the factor(s) that is dampening it in the first place. Here are ten incredible ways to boost it:

  1. Drink more water
  2. Consider taking energy supplements
  3. Get better sleep
  4. Enhance positive communications with your partner
  5. Exercise regularly
  6. See a counselor or therapist
  7. Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  8. Lose weight
  9. Stop smoking/ drinking/ using recreational drugs
  10. Meditate, or engage in activities that de-stress you

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