10 Celebrities Who Own Impressive Farms

1. Adrian Grenier decides to move to Austin in Bastrop to build his own farm, where he plants strawberry and other vegetables

2. Brad Pitt even calls himself a farmer. He builds his grape’s farm to make delicious wine

3. Elizabeth Hurley has her own farm in Gloucestershire which is very huge around 400 acre

4. Gigi & Bella Hadid have a beautiful farm in Pennsylvania which they love to share in their Instagram

5. Mark Ruffalo also has 50 acre farm where he plants strawberry. You will definitely love it as you see it

6. Melissa Mccarthy grew up in large farm that her family have. They usually plant soybean and corn 

7. Miley Cyrus has a very great farm in Tennessee. It cost about 5.8 millions dollars

8. A beautiful actress, Nicole Kidman also has expensive farmhouse which cost around 4.5 millions dollar in Australia

9. Oprah names her farm Seamair farm which she bought in 2015. It cost about 29 millions dollars

10. Zach Galifianakis builds a very amazing farm under the name Farmageddon in North California

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