Tuesday , 21 April 2015

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Back to School Fails

  • http://ydesignservices.com Yachika Verma

    so nice amezing pics.

  • http://www.writenwrite.com write

    that dogs hasn’t foot…

  • http://radialabswarnings.com/ Radialabs

    Awesome piks here ..

  • rd?

    oh, i get it! people/animals photographed whilst jumping = good photography. Genius!

  • http://piter-fo-to.blogspot.com/ brem

    Интересный сайт!!!

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  • http://www.herbalproductslive.com HerbalProductslive

    Superb time taking pictures …. amazing collection.. perfect timing and perfect moment of capture… keep it up

  • http://www.17ps8.com white

    super good

  • chipper

    you fucking retards humming birds don’t eat fish. only nectar.

    • A person

      It’s a Kingfisher that’s why

  • http://www.linuxforum.ro/ linux

    The one with the cat is awesome !

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  • Timo

    Nice pics, but the one with the coke and mentos was taken by me… I feel honoured but it’s also scary… could you pls send me an e-mail, where you got this from.

  • Sayf.Dean

    Totally funny and cool!
    Except for that guy who’s eating that thing (eww)
    And the 23rd picture (in the snow) is fake,it’s clearly a photoshop work