Thursday , 5 March 2015

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Creative, Easy DIY Crafts Using Balloons


No matter what our age, we all love balloons!! But what you’ve probably never thought of before is how you can use balloons to do some really easy craftwork I know you’ll just love! Today, Stylish Eve is bringing you some amazing, easy-to-do, DIY crafts that mainly depend on balloons. Check them out, then try them out, and then enjoy ... Read More »

Very Creative Tea Infusers


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Creative Public Awareness Ads That Makes You Think

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Creative Offices for Lucky Workers

If everyone had work environments like in the following photos then very few people would be complaining about schlepping off to work. Read More »

Funny Creative Clothes

A designer’s will to improve even the most ordinary things may result in such ridiculous, but (probably) practical garments. Read More »

Creative Ice Cube Trays

This collection of creative and unusual ice cube trays can make any drink unforgettable and unique. Read More »

Very Disturbing Print Advertising

Some designers have so many creative ideas they make ads that are difficult to judge. They look disturbing, yet the idea behind them is pretty clear. Read More »

Awesomely Creative Flash Drives

Why have a boring flash drive when you can stick a funny or eye-catching memory stick into your computer? This collection of truly inventive flash drives could spark some last minute Christmas gift ideas too. Read More »

Creative Cake Collection

It’s difficult to know whether to enjoy these intricate cakes by gawking at them or eating them, we suggest both. Read More »

Creative Things

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