The Hottest Stephanie McMahon Photos Around The Net

The Irish-American woman has dark brown hair and blue eyes making her look like a real-life princess. Her raspy voice sounds so refreshing to the ears and not only this but her sharp jawline and dimpled cheeks add more loveliness to her. She is no less than a monster in the ring and a gorgeous bombshell off the ring. People die for her pretty eyes and she ages like fine wine. They also think that Triple H is a lucky guy to have her as his wife and we completely agree with this. In 1999, McMahon was seen for the first time in the TV series The Show of the Achilles.

You are now going to view a few of the hottest photos that prove that Stephanie McMahon is the undisputed queen of the wrestling domain and not only this, but she is a blessed lady with good looks and audaciousness.

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