Saturday , 25 June 2022

The Hottest Photos Of Canadian Gamer – Azzyland

Many people know her as a sexy and stunning cosplay player, before they recognize her as YouTube. Let’s see closer about Azra Bajrami or Azzyland.

1. Azra Bajrami was born on 23 February 1991. Now, this woman already changed into a beautiful lady

2. She ever worked as co-host of “Before They Were Famous”

3. Azra is a Canadian citizen, She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

4. Azra got a double honors degrees in Chemistry and Biology program studies

5. She wants to continue her career as doctor, bur then she prefers to be an amazing Youtuber

6. She is afraid of blood. This matter becomes the real reason of why she would not continue her career as a doctor

7. She is one of generous lady. She always opens donation for charity events

8. Azra has actually been a gamer since she was young

9. Her first name, Azra means Purity, while her last name Bajrami means celebration

10. All people love to see her, even Kim Kardashian and her daughter do it

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