Wednesday , 29 June 2022

Cool DIYs for Scarf Lovers

1. Circle Scarf


Start off strong with this tutorial on how to create your very own infinity scarf – with any pattern or fabric of your choice! {found on Yours Truly, G}

2. Metallic Scarf


We’re in love with this funky, geometric printed metallic scarf. It’s bold and will test your creativity too! {found on Yay Yes}

3. T-shirt Scarf


Grab a t-shirt and create something funky that can work all year long. Wrapped, braided and more … there are so many ways to style it. {found on All Day Chic}

4. Lace Scarf


This may be our favorite DIY of the bunch because of how delicate and fashionable the end result is. A scarf full of lace will always be a classic. {found on A Beautiful Mess}

5. Fox Scarf


This is a great gift or project for the kids! Turn some fabric into a scarf reminiscent of a fox! It’s perfect for a fun, fall look. {found on Pretty Prudent}

6. Fringe Scarf


One of the easiest to recreate, have fun making your very own fun, fringe scarf! We love colors but neutrals work with so many outfits – all year long! {found on YouTube}

7. Quote Scarf


Song lyrics, lines from your favorite stores or original quotes, you can get incredibly inspired by trying your hand at this personal DIY. {found on Blog Her}

8. Necklace Scarf


You can always create a “necklace” scarf. It’s trendy, fashionable but it’s also a bit retro too for those inspired by old age spirits. {found on The Style Sample}

9. Sweater Scarf


When the cool air {found on Cotton+Curls}

10. Braided Scarf


Jazz up a classic scarf with a bit of texture but braiding a few parts. Check out this tutorial to learn how to do just that. {found on Burda Style}

11. Pleated Scarf


And if you’re really inspired by texture, take a look at this fleece, pleated beauty. We love the crisp white as it enhances the pleats even more! {found on Magidan Made}

12. Embellished Scarf


You can always learn how to embellish scarves you already own. Add a plush pom-pom to the end for some extra personality! {found on Pretty Quirky Pants}

13. Simple Scarf


Here’s a simple tutorial that will get you going with new DIYs in the fashion realm. It’s easy and specific for classic lines. {found on Girl Loves Glam}

14. Felt Scarf


You could always create something a bit more outside the box, like with this felt, flower scarf. Remember, you can always choose your own colors outside of the tutorial’s version. {found on The Crafty Blog Stalker}

15. Blanket Scarf


Personally, I love big and full scarves, so this DIY was right up my alley. How does a no-sew technique sound – and one made from a blanket! {found on Zevy Joy}

16. Knitting Scarf


Learn how to create this voluminous beauty. I love the chunkiness and warmth of these scarves on crisp, fall nights or in the midst of wintertime. {found on Simply Maggie}

17. Galaxy Scarf


Funky and “far our,” check out this DIY to learn how to create your very out galaxy-inspired piece for your collection. {found on Scarves}

18. 10-Minute Scarf


Yes, you can make a scarf from scratch in just 10 minutes time. And this tutorial will let you know how to make it happen. {found on Babble}

19. Stamped Scarf


Learn how to stamp your own fabric with this helpful DIY. It’s modern, contemporary and full of design-worth. {found on Almost Makes Perfect}

20. Candy Cane Scarf


Perfect for the holidays, this “candy cane” scarf is created by just a few twists and turns. It’s easy and festive for a variety of seasons and events. {found on Mr. Kate}

21. Cat Scarf


If you figure out how to stamp, you can embellish an older, worn scarf with some funky cats or anything else you may like. {found on Adventures in Making}

22. Quilted Scarf


Learn how to create a quilted scarf like the one  you see above. This one was so original, how could we not feature it? {found on Design Sponge}

23. Heart Scarf


This is another stamped beauty, but we love its sweetness. Some gold paint and heart stamps made this one turn out quite charming. {found on Lazy Saturdays}

24. Constellation Scarf


This too is another great way to embellish and upcycle. Take a look at the tutorial and get creative in the closet! {found on A Beautiful Mess}

25. Pom-Pom Scarf


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