Tuesday , 28 June 2022

40 Sexy Photos Of Lizzo

Before she finally came to the limelight and the world knew about how great her music is, the Detroit-born singer had actually been creating and producing her records for about five years straight, without too many glances coming her way. Lizzobangers, her debut album came as early as 2013, succeeded by her sophomore album, Big Grrrl Small World in late 2015. While both projects were quite successful, it was clear that the singer wasn’t getting her deserved accolades yet.

However, when Cuz I Love You came in 2019, we see the story flipped all in Lizzo’s favor, taking the singer on a spontaneous ride to the top as she finally grabbed a spot on the US Billboard 200’s top 10. Also, it pulled her other records, including her top single hits, among which are, “Juice,” “Truth Hurts,” and “Good as Hell” to global awareness and prestigious accolades including three huge Grammys.

Also, it turns out that Lizzo’s music is not the only “juicy” thing about the singer. In fact, it’s always exciting to see how the Minnesota rapper flaunts her body with no abandon for us. Here, check out some of the 1988-born’s badass sexy pictures.

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