Tuesday , 1 December 2015

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Tips for How to Choose the Right Glasses for Your Face


Glasses can be worn for fashion or for function, either way you have to make an effort to look your best. Perfect eyewear mirrors your style, enhances your appearance and even has a power to minimize your imperfections while drawing the attention to your best features. In an ideal world, you would own dozens of pairs in various colors, shapes …

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How to Get Healthy Hair: 14 Steps


Well, girls. Making your hair stunning is a tough topic, right? It’s not a secret for anyone that gorgeous hair attracts attention, makes us look more beautiful and shows that we are healthy. I honestly envy girls with beautiful thick hair, but I understand that it takes a lot of time, a strong will and constant efforts. As spring approaches …

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How Old Are You Again?


With botox and laser, everything is possible these days but we have reasons to believe that none of these seven stars have used any of the mentioned. Still our jaws dropped to the ground when we found out their age! 1.The never aging Avril Lavigne is how old? 28! 2. Sarah Hyland from Modern Family is such a cutie but …

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