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Of The Creepiest Famous Exes Ever


Dennis Duffy is that ultimate incarnation of that person that everyone ends up dating and they don’t know why. They just trick you into accepting them for a few months. Everytime you see them, they haven’t changed, and are convinced that you still want them. People like Duffy never learn, and they never get easier to be around. If your ... Read More »

Famous Celebrity Piercings!


ScarJo had her Septum Pierced! File this under, “what was she thinking?” The beautiful Scarlett Johansson had a ring in her septum. With someone as pretty as “ScarJo” we wonder how she thought this was helping her? It looks a bit boar-ish if you ask us. And we’re not talking about the adjective, but the animal. She claimed it highlighted ... Read More »

Japanese Covers of the Famous Books


The Name of the Wind Read More »

Early Sketches of Famous Cartoon Characters

Read More »

Famous People Being Pelted with Eggs, etc

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Daily Picdump Vol.30

Don’t forget to look the Morning Picdump. Read More »

Well-Known Photographers and Their Masterpieces

These are famous photographers who are holding their iconic pictures. The photos taken in the last 50 years have captured the hearts, and minds, of everyone exposed to the modern media. Read More »

Daily Picdump Vol.29

Don’t forget to look the Morning Picdump. Read More »

Famous Transgender Models

Looking at today’s magazine covers, many of us may not realize that only a few years ago one of those beautiful models could easily have been a man. Simply look at this list of 10 of the most successful transsexual models for proof that such people do exist. Read More »

Daily Picdump Vol.28

Don’t forget to look the Morning Picdump. Read More »

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