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Pin Your 2015 Calendar of Superhot Guys


The year 2014 was really good to us when it came to hot guys. Back in April, Pharrell Williams was on the cover of GQ, looking so dapper, adorable, and chic. Justin Theroux’s interview with Details was great, especially because he was all brooding and shirtless. And let’s not forget Liam Hemsworth’s spread in Men’s Health, which proved to us ... Read More »

Celebrities Share The Awkward Ways They Lost Their Virginity


Nick Jonas recently confessed to Wendy Williams that he lost his purity ring and his virginity, though he didn’t provide details on when. “I’m an adult in all ways,” the perpetually smug singer said. Right, because when you’re a Disney kid, the only way to assert your adulthood is to make your entire persona about sex. Joe Jonas wrote a ... Read More »

Funny Celebrity Look-Alikes


Deja Vu Hair Beyonce may be flawless, but something about her bangs seems, hmmm, a wee bit familiar. Someone needs to fire her stylist. La Fry If you do not see the resemblance here, then you are burying your eyes in the sand. It is uncanny. Taylor Llama Taylor Lautner has unsurprisingly faded from the spotlight until the next Twilight ... Read More »

Celebrities Before/After Photoshop


Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence is known for her man-like confidence on screen in roles such as Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook, but it appears these editors wanted to trim the macho appeal for this ad. Johnathan Rhys Meyers Who needs a spray tan when you have photo shop? There is nothing like a little digital enhancement to cover up ... Read More »

Celebrities Photoshopped as Normal People (So Surreal!)


#1 Kim & Kanye They gained a few, didn’t they? Kim’s face was also made to show a little more sagging. #2 Scarlett Johansson ScarJo is still a beauty. She’s just way, way nerdier looking. #3 Beyonce & Jay-Z The average person usually doesn’t have the money to keep their face and style looking fresh. And we tend to go ... Read More »

Red Carpet Commando: 50 Celebrities Who Clearly Aren’t Wearing Underwear


What’s the best way to liven up another dull red carpet? Not wearing underwear, of course! That’s a classic trick used by tons of celebs looking for a sure-fire splash in the next morning’s headlines. For the naughty and rebellious edge, there is truly nothing better. However, the major hazard of going commando is showing off a little more of ... Read More »

14 Celebrities Who Started Out Sweet But Turned Seductive


Janet Jackson Beyoncé Kelly Rowland Katy Perry Rihanna Mariah Carey Miley Cyrus Britney Spears Christina Aguilera Selena Gomez Toni Braxton Elizabeth Berkley Adrienne Bailon Mya Read More »

14 Celebrities Who Posed For Playboy


Marilyn Monroe Playboy was first issued in December 1953 and to kick it off, they put Marilyn Monroe on the cover. The blonde bombshell helped put the magazine on the map and almost 60 years later the magazine is still going strong. LaToya Jackson LaToya Jackson posed for Playboy in March 1989, after leaving her father as her manager and trying to make ... Read More »

15 Celebrities Who Lost Weight


Jennifer Hudson American Idol star and well-known Weight Watchers spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson, has lost more than 80 lbs. in the last few years. Her new slender figure is a vast change from the one we knew back in her Idoldays. Raven-Symone Having lost nearly 70 lbs., Raven-Symone, the little girl who came into the spotlight as Olivia on The Cosby ... Read More »

Top List! 10 Best Dressed Celebrities Of The Week!


Some celebrities are bright shining stars when it comes to fashion, while some others never seem to pull anything off. Today we’ve taken a closer look on stars such as new mom Megan Fox (honestly, can anyone tell she was pregnant like a month ago?!), adorable Reese Witherspoon and man eater Taylor Swift. They all looked smashing wearing their looks, ... Read More »

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