Tuesday , 1 December 2015

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DIYs Under $20 To Make!


Let’s have a peek at 20 awesome DIYs that are under $20 to make and experiment with! 1. Pom-Pom Box All Things Big & Small 2. Tassel Bedskirt  Tatertots and Jello 3. Moon Clock Pambula 4. Desk Organizer  Amy Krist 5. Compass Banner  Emily 6. Polka-Dot Wall Taylor Made 7. White Brick Vase  Say Yes 8. Copper-Trimmed Jewelry Dish  We …

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15 Awesome Canopy Beds


While most of us don’t have the luxury of heavy carved canopy beds, we can achieve a light and airy canopy look. Just look at these 15 lovely canopy beds and you’ll convince yourself that you need one. (via Megan Pflug Designs) (via Domaine) (via Splendid Sass) (via Hunted Interior) (via Nuevo Estilo) (via Apartment Therapy) (via Hey Mishka) (via …

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Amazing Scarf Projects to Try This Summer


Why not use some of your old scarves and repurpose them into brand new accessories and other fun projects to use around your home? Here are 25 ways you can use scarves to accessorize, decorate, and then some! 1. Make a shirt Recycled Fashion 2. Silk pillows Ouno Design 3. Turn it into a handbag A Bullseye View 4. Make …

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Truly Awesome DIY Ideas to Renew Your Old Clothes


Got a wardrobe full of clothes but still nothing to wear? Yeah, I feel your pain! This is an eternal dilemma women face all the time. If you are like most of us, eventually you get bored with the same outfits you wear. At this very moment you start thinking about buying something new to update your look and keep …

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10 Reasons “Sleeping With” Your Husband Is AWESOME


Forget casual sex and ex sex – go cuddle with your man! Married sex is like the redheaded stepchild of the booty world – at least, according to TV and movies. In that world, married sex is overly lit and played for laughs, whereas all the other kinds of sex – casual sex, new sex, cheating sex, ex sex – …

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There’s Hardly a Beetle Larger Than This

The Titan beetle is one of the longest beetles in the world – adult specimens can grow up to 16.7 cm (6.5 in.) in length. This beetle lives in the Amazon rainforests. Especially large dried specimens of the Titan beetle are sought after by collectors and their price may reach $600 and more. Scientists have never found a beetle’s larvae, …

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