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10 Reasons “Sleeping With” Your Husband Is AWESOME


Forget casual sex and ex sex – go cuddle with your man! Married sex is like the redheaded stepchild of the booty world – at least, according to TV and movies. In that world, married sex is overly lit and played for laughs, whereas all the other kinds of sex – casual sex, new sex, cheating sex, ex sex – ... Read More »

So Jaimie Alexander wore a pretty awesome dress to the Thor premiere


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There’s Hardly a Beetle Larger Than This

The Titan beetle is one of the longest beetles in the world – adult specimens can grow up to 16.7 cm (6.5 in.) in length. This beetle lives in the Amazon rainforests. Especially large dried specimens of the Titan beetle are sought after by collectors and their price may reach $600 and more. Scientists have never found a beetle’s larvae, ... Read More »

Berries, you’ve got some great summer memories

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Possibly the Cutest Moments Ever Photographed

While there are a lot of cute photos posted online the following collection is by far the most adorable and reaches new heights of cuteness never attempted before. Read More »

Modern Cameras Are Built to Last

See what happened when this guy tried to destroy his camera by any means possible. Read More »

Awesome Man Caves

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Awesome Basement

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Awesome Minimalist Movie Posters

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Awesome Top-50 Hot Cosplay Girls of April 2012

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