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Borat Mankini Prom Suit

One UK student came to the prom wearing Borat Mankini swimsuit… Read More »

Some Guy Turned His Dead Cat Into A Helicopter

Following this cat’s tragic demise after a fatal encounter with a car, Dutch Artist Bart Jansen turned the remains of the feline into a remote controlled helicopter. Read More »

Nice Pranks (10 gifs)

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A Stinky Surprise

Ryan L. Fitzjerald is a tattoo artist from Dayton, Ohio. His girlfriend Rossie Brovent was cheating on him. When Ryan figured it out he didn’t tell her anything, instead he offered to tattoo her back. He told her it would be a beautiful scene from Narnia. Rossie even signed the form without reading it. Now she is suing her ex ... Read More »

”It Is Not Normal” Meth Memes

Many of you know that infamous “It isn’t normal, but on meth it is” anti-drug campaign. Here are funny ”It Is Not Normal” meth memes. Read More »

And the Most Interesting Part of the Auto Show Is…

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Weird Transformation of a Russian Girl

Christina Ray is a participant of the Russian reality show Dom 2. The photos of her ugly transformation are after the jump. Read More »

Awesome Zombie Artworks

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Epic Fail Pics

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24 Hours to Create the Masterpiece Tattoo

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