Wednesday , 2 December 2015


Supermodels with No Make-Up

Casting director Douglas Perrett wrote a book titled “Wild Things” where he revealed Polaroid photographs of top models at the very beginning of their career. The book features the shots from studio sessions which took place from 2000 through 2010. 250 printed copies of “Wild Things” came into the market on February 8.

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What Happens in Vegas Should Stay in Vegas

These people are living in 200 miles of a flood tunnel beneath the glamorous Las Vegas Strip. They are mostly criminals, drug addicts, and the homeless. These living conditions are deplorable with all the rats and filth. However, many of them have brought all of their belongings to the rooms that they have created in the tunnel.

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Francesco Lentini, a Man with Three Legs

Francesco Lentini was born in 1889 as the 12th child in his family. He was born with three legs, two sets of genitals and one rudimentary foot growing from the knee of his third leg. So, in total, he had three legs, four feet, sixteen toes, and two sets of functioning male genitals, which were all that existed of a …

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