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Animal Bridges Across Highways

Wildlife crossings or ‘animal bridges’ are built in order to prevent animals from being killed by cars in the places where highways cut through the wildlife habitat and separate it. Read More »

Beautiful Pictures

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Kanuhura Maldives

Kanuhura Maldives looks like heaven. Read More »

When Everyday Objects Come Alive

It takes creativity and patience to turn food and random household objects into compelling scenes from life, and these amazing creations do just that. Read More »

Incredible Places To See On Earth

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Beautiful Pictures

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Trees That Devour Everything

Beware of the trees, because sometimes these green giants are ravenous. The pictures here show how they gobble up whatever gets close to them. Read More »

Mountain Mansion in Colorado

$29.5 million and this 7-bedroom-6-bathroom mansion is yours. Read More »

Incredibly Clear Waters of the Verzasca River

Cool turquoise waters of the mountain river Verzasca in Switzerland are crystal clear. From the depth of 10 m (33 ft.) one can easily see the bridge across its valley. Read More »

Gorgeous Photos Of Cherry Blossoms In Japan

Spring! Every year at springtime, millions of people in Japan flock to see the cherry blossoms in Tokyo and Osaka. It’s easy to see why. Read More »

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