Wednesday , 25 November 2015


10 Fairy Tales Your Child Needs to Read


“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” Roald Dahl Kids perceive the world in a very different way. I always wondered how the authors of kids books managed to preserve the child’s emotions and views on things. Unfortunately, we easily forget how to be kids and, becoming parents. To help your children understand the world in a …

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Top 6 Dog Breeds to Help You Fight Depression


Life is hard, and many of us sometimes suffer from anxiety, stress or depression caused by different negative situations. There are different ways to cheer you up and the best one is love. If you don’t have friends or loved ones around, get a companion pet! Discover the best dog breeds that can help you fight depression. Who knows, maybe …

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Bali – Heaven On Earth


When choosing a summer vacation destination we usually have very few criteria. We just want it to be warm and sunny, any beach will do. It makes sense. You want to relax after a hard year of work. Most people will choose an island that has a 5 star all-inclusive hotel and just spend their vacation there. There’s nothing wrong …

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15 Exercises for Absolutely Perfect Legs


Girls, it’s almost summer out there. Are you ready to put on your best miniskirts and show off your stunning legs? If you are not, you definitely need to read our article and follow our priceless tips. It doesn’t mean you should do all these exercises to get the result you want, you just need to choose several moves you …

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8 Benefits Of Film Photography


What’s film photography? Some people think that film photography is an out-of-date stuff their grandfathers used long ago. But if you’re familiar with digital photography you probably noticed that film photography is getting more and more popular among people of the younger generation. Although film photography is pretty complicated, it still has certain advantages over digital photography. And here are …

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You Are What You Listen To


It’s not a secret for anyone that music and personality are closely connected. If you want to know more about the person – listen to their playlist, it never lies. And it’s not only about feeling the rhythm and telling the good music from the bad. It speaks about the emotional perception of the world around. As women are more …

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The Sweetest Way to Tell Your Kids the Truth About Santa


Santa is everywhere you look during the holiday season, and that can be confusing for children. Seeing so many Santas inevitably brings up the question, “Is Santa real? And if Santa is real, which Santa is real?” No parent wants to lie to his or her child. And no parent wants to burst the magical bubble that makes the holiday …

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This is True Love . . .


Dragged Through Cr*p It may feel like you’re being dragged through cr*p, BUT why do it? . . . You feel like cr*p without her.. Spinach & Teeth If he straight-off loves you on the first date, sure it wouldn’t matter if you’re wearing food on your face during dinner, BUT be forewarned, he might be delusional. While Farting You …

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