Sunday , 19 February 2017

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Cool Sunflower Nail Designs

1. Blue Sunflower Corner Nails Image Source 2. Sunflower Covered Nails Image Source 3. Sunflowers on White Nails Image Source 4. Rhinestone Sunflower Nails …

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Simple Nail Art Ideas

1. Paint over a loofah for this cool two-toned look. Image via Buzzfeed It’s time the loofah does more than just wash your body. …

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DIY Crop Tops for Summer 2016

1. Balenciaga Inspired Crop Top DIY Details : biskvittka 2. DIY Bandana Crop Top DIY Details : fashioninflux 3. Crop Top DIY DIY Details : 2ndfunniestthing 4. …

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Cool Ponytail Tutorials

The Faux Full Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial and Instructions – PromiseTangeman The Inverted Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial and Instructions – BalancingBeauty&Bedlam The Multi-Elastic Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial …

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