Saturday , 1 August 2015


Shocking Celebs Then Vs. Now


#1 Pamela Anderson Looks like she’s still trying to make it across that beach. Only with a little more cellulite than before. #2 Madonna Despite the vein-y, much too muscular arms, Madonna’s seemed to tame out over the years. #3 Michael Jackson 1991 album titled Dangerous. Song of his life? Black or White. #4 Mel Gibson That Passion of the ...

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This Year’s Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra Is Finally Here


The good news: Victoria’s Secret just announced there will be not one but two Fantasy Bras in its 2014 fashion show, both of which cost less than last year’s $10 million showstopper. The bad news: The Pascal Mouawad creations — which contain rubies, diamonds, and sapphires all strung together with 18K gold — are still $2 million each, again putting ...

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