Wednesday , 22 October 2014

8 Weird US Sex Laws


 Sex is an intimate act between two people … except for when government is also involved. Some of the strangest laws of the land relating to the horizontal tango: In New Hampshire, it’s illegal to cheat on your spouse—adultery being defined there, since the early 1800s, as “intercourse from which spurious issue [a child born out of wedlock] may arise.” ... Read More »

Staff Reactions to Drake’s “How About Now” (Leak)


Somehow, it seems, a high schooler from Georgia put Drake’s “How About Now” leak up on Soundcloud and of course we had to weigh in. Drake has steadily been releasing music this year with no album out to keep his name in our mouths, but he’s also been hinting at new work and a new record called Views From The ... Read More »

Apple’s iOS 8.1 Is Out Now


Apple launched iOS 8 with some major features absent. Some were meant to work with the company’s yet-to-be-released desktop OS, Yosemite. Others were presumably still being fine-tuned. Now, with the official release of iOS 8.1, Apple is finally bringing these holdouts to its mobile platform. First, some caveats. You’ll need to have OS X Yosemite installed to take advantage of ... Read More »

10 Things You Should Never Do at the Bar


When you go out tonight, remember that your bartender is the gatekeeper to your good time: He or she will see every move you make, and how you act could ultimately affect the speed of your service. We asked real barkeeps to reveal the common blunders that tick them off the most—and what you can do to make sure the ... Read More »

The 25 Best Things About Being A Grownup


I am turning 25 next week (Libras, represent!). A lot of my friends say you’re not an adult until you turn 25 years old, which is when your brain (allegedly) fully forms. It’s also when you’ve typically settled into adolescence with some kind of job or some kind of direction. On most days I lament getting older. Today I figured ... Read More »

Karina Jelinek – Candids on Miami Beach


Karina Jelinek in a Pink Dress Read More »

Maitland Ward – Celebrity Bowling Tournament Benefiting Childhelp in Studio City


Maitland Ward: Celebrity Bowling Tournament Benefiting Childhelp Read More »

This again?


Miley Cyrus performing at the Allphones Arena in Sydney (10/17) Read More »

Ariana Grande – Onstage Performing on ‘Swedish Idol’ in Stockholm


Ariana Grande: Performing on Swedish Idol Read More »

Chrissy Teigen – Hosts a Tailgate Party for the Jets/Patriots Game in Paramus


Chrissy Teigen – Hosts a Tailgate Party Read More »

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